Happy One Year!

Thank you so much for following me on my fashion venture for a year now! I am so overjoyed spreading my love for fashion with others! This past year has brought new and exciting opportunities, and I can not wait for another year full of fun and fashion! In honor of MBtoMadison's One Year Anniversary I will be doing a giveaway! Giveaways are so fun, and this year I decided to do a giveaway that would benefit other too! This year, I will be giving away a gift card from Mara Hoffman! One of the fun things about this gift card is that 20% of the profit goes to Art Start, which supports creative kids who are in need, providing workshops to further their creative minds! Not only does it shape the future generation, but it provides "at-risk" kids with an outlet for art, and inspires them to chase after their dream! 

Giveaway information is posted HERE

Thanks for a great year!